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The Curriculum Enrichment Booklet

The Prep School has just launched a new publication 'The Curriculum Enrichment Booklet' to show how students can explore and further a particular interest outside school in a fun and creative way. The booklet offers a range of ideas and opportunities,  written by


members of staff, to help enrich their pupils’ education.


Academic Enrichment trips are planned throughout the year to support topics taught in school. 

Ardingly College is a member of NACE which specialises in working with schools and teachers to improve learning for able learners.
Founded in 1983, NACE is recognised nationally and internationally as the UK's leading independent education organisation in the field of education for able learners.
Through its valuable network of members NACE provides high quality guidance, support and training, enabling teachers to attain the best from able learners in the everyday classroom, whilst enabling all learners to flourish and achieve.