Academic Enrichment

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Academic Extension is offered through our highly diverse Enrichment Programme (EP) and also through their dedication and passion that our teachers have for their subjects. This allows every student the opportunity to try something different and ultimately to excel in something they are passionate about. 

Here are a few examples:

  • A team of engineers designed and built a solar car which was the first European school-built car to race across Australia in 2015 and a future race planned with a new car in 2019. 
  • Students present and hear papers from leading academics at the College’s National Shakespeare Conference each year.
  • An Ardingly team were national Chemistry champions, having won the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Top of the Bench competition.
  • A wide variety of academic trips involves students going to to CERN and the Vatican Observatory (Physics), Iceland (Geography), New York (Art), and to practise languages in France, Germany and Spain.
  • Oxbridge Development
  • UK Space Design participation, in which two Ardingly Student won a trip to Houston to represent the EU team. 


Able, Gifted and Talented

Our job is to help every student maximise their potential in every dimension.

This includes ‘able and gifted’ learners, with strong intellectual and academic abilities, and ‘talented’ learners with practical skills in areas such as sport, music, design or creative and performing arts.

Here are some of the ways we help to nurture and stretch our most able and talented students:

  • A comprehensive academic enrichment programme including lectures, societies and reading groups, Middle School society and the Headmaster’s lecture series;
  • A full programme of educational trips and visits;
  • Opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and flourish independently;
  • The Oxbridge programme and support for applications to other leading universities globally. There are STEP classes and SAT classes for students applying to American universities;
  • Academic links with Higher Education Institutions and research institutions such as Stanford, Oxford and CERN;
  • Opportunities for independent learning such as research essay competitions;
  • Entrance in national competitions such as Biology Olympiad, Mathematics Challenge, Chemistry ‘Top of the Bench.’
  • The opportunity to work with professional musicians, such as the LPO and VOCES 8;
  • Individual music lessons;
  • Opportunities to perform outside the school and enter local and national competitions such as Mid Sussex Music Festival and Woodard Musician of the Year;
  • Art projects and the opportunity to enter national art competitions;
  • A full programme of co-curricular trips and visits to art galleries, theatres and cultural events;
  • Sports Academies – such as football academy, which provides additional training and fixtures;
  • The opportunity to gain specialist sports coaching;
  • Links with local, national and international sports clubs and organisations
  • Scholarship