Ardingly Learning Profile (ALP)

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We want to develop the child as a whole, not just their academic and sporting abilities.

That’s where the Ardingly Learner Profile comes in.

It’s based on the 13 characteristics we aim to develop in our pupils during their time at Ardingly.

The Learner Profile is used across the College, but in different ways at different points in a pupil’s time with us.

These characteristics are essential in each and every pupil’s academic and pastoral development. They are qualities that we hope our pupils will continue to consider important throughout their lives.

Here are the Ardingly Learner Profile Characteristics, underpinning all our teaching and learning:

  • Inquirers - We ask questions and want to know answers. We see learning as magical and something we want to keep in our lives.
  • Knowledgeable - We explore and link ideas near and far.
  • Principled - We stand up for what we believe in.
  • Risk Takers - We bravely accept new challenges.
  • Thinkers - We think before making decisions and sharing our thoughts.
  • Caring - We want to make other people’s lives better and look after our world.
  • Self- Disciplined - We take responsibility for and manage our own learning, knowing when to ask for support and when to work independently.
  • Open Minded - We understand and celebrate differences and are willing to grow from our experiences.
  • Communicators - We understand that there are many ways to communicate and we use as many ways as we can.
  • Reflective - We think about our own learning and experiences. Through setting targets we develop our skills.
  • Balanced - We understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional balance in our lives.
  • Stimulated - We are involved in our own learning and look for opportunities to use our skills beyond the classroom.
  • Holistic - We understand that everything we learn and do is linked. We work on making connections in the world around us.

How is it used?

The ALP is introduced to the children through assemblies and in PSHCE  (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship) sessions. The ALP is fast becoming an integral part of subject lessons. The children learn how they can develop the characteristics as their own personal qualities.

ALP symbols are displayed around the school, with copies in every classroom. Pupils are awarded ALP symbol stickers as recognition for displaying particular qualities in school life.