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The Mark Lawrence Science Scholarship

In 2011, following the untimely death of a much loved and respected parent of three College pupils, the College together with Mark Lawrence's family initiated an appeal. The intention was to provide a bursary of up to 75% for a local student from aged 11, gifted in science, who would not otherwise have been able to afford the fees.

The College and Mark Lawrence's family are delighted that we have been able to award this to Sophie Crooks, an eleven year old girl from Lindfield Primary School who joined Ardingly in September 2012.



    Changing lives

    At Ardingly College we currently grant Bursaries to 10% of our pupils; however we are not content to stay at this level.  We are delighted with the transformative effect that a Bursary at Ardingly can have on the lives of those who receive it.  Rather than read what we have to say, it is perhaps more useful to read what one of the recipients - Josh Higgins - has to say about his time and experiences at Ardingly.