Hilton (Boys' Boarding)

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Housemaster - Mr Luke Walters

Mr Luke Walters took over as Housemaster in August 2015.  He was previously the founding Housemaster at Marlborough College Malaysia and has taught at Reading Blue Coat School and Marlborough College.

 Mr Walters teaches English and Theory of Knowledge in addition to coaching rugby, football and cricket at the College.  He has a BA Hons in English from Exeter University and an MA in Shakespeare from the University of London, in which he gained a distinction.  When he has time to pursue them, his interests are the theatre, music, food, travel, rugby and American literature.

Mr Walters’ wife Suzy supports him in the running of Hilton and by looking after their young son, Ralph.  She is a Prep School teacher and keeps a close eye on the younger boarders in particular. 

Assistant Housemaster  - Mr Marco Couch. 


Marco Crouch

Mr Marco Couch is Hilton’s Assistant Housemaster. He teaches Chemistry and Physics and is heavily involved in the College’s Charity programme as well as CCF. In his spare time he travels widely whilst also contributing to the British Red Cross..

Other House Staff

The Matron, Mrs Sue Sanford, and the House Cleaners, Lorraine, Leanne and Toomb, are absolutely vital to the smooth running of the House and it is no understatement to say that the House would fall apart without the work performed by them.  Mrs Sanford has responsibility for all housekeeping matters including laundry and repairs to clothes and, with the cleaning team, ensures the cleanliness and tidiness of all areas of the House. 

The highly experienced tutor team each have a duty night where they help to supervise Evening School (a period after dinner when the boys do their homework in house). As you can see from the array of academic subjects the team covers, there will always be someone on hand to help any boy struggling with homework tasks.

Hilton also has a Parent Representative, who will be happy to answer any questions to prospective parents. Pease email Mr Walters and he will pass on her contact details (address below).


Hilton has accommodation for 65 boys.  The boarding accommodation is located on three floors with four distinct areas divided broadly on year group lines.  Each area has its own toilet, shower facilities and a Brew Room (a small kitchen with kettle and toaster).  Each boy has a bed with storage underneath, a wardrobe and desk with shelves for books. All rooms have sinks and the furniture also includes lockable drawers for valuables. 

The ground floor contains a large Common Room, which is where Callovers (daily registrations) and House Meetings are held.  The Common Room contains Sky+ HD Satellite TV with a DVD player (and Surround Sound), as well as a piano, pool table, table football and Xbox games console (and two flat screen 52 inch plasma tvs).  We also have a house BBQ and seating area with benches for social events in the summer. These events are often combined with our Mertens brothers and the two girls' houses. These areas are the social hubs of the House and where visitors are allowed at certain times.  There is also a House Quiet Room that contains several computers and a House library.  Wi-Fi is available throughout the House.

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