Inquiring Curriculum

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The National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 is the starting point for building a full and varied curriculum for Years 3 – 6.

There’s a carefully structured and full curriculum in the 'core' subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT, as well as in History, Geography, French, Music, Art, Drama, R.E., Games, P.E., Swimming and Design Technology. These subjects may be taught as the Creative Curriculum, the Inquiring Curriculum or as an individual subject.

 In Years 7 and 8, it’s about working towards the Common Entrance examination, which is taken in Year 8, in English, French, Mathematics and Science.

You can download the 13+ Common Entrance syllabus for all academic subjects from the ISEB website,

The humanities are taught through our ‘11-14, Inquiring Curriculum’. The Inquiring Curriculum is an academically rigorous course that spans both year 7 & 8 in the Prep School. It is broken down into two elements for each year of study. These are Britain in year 7, Europe in year 8. Within the Inquiring Curriculum History, Geography and Divinity and Philosophy are taught separately by subject specialists. Many of the topics covered link into one another to give the pupils a greater depth of understanding. For example where History may examine Viking settlement of England, Geography may look at the features and causes of settlements.

There’s a choice between taking up Spanish or continuing with Latin.

With our excellent facilities and specialist teaching, pupils can work at a level that suits their abilities, and get all the help they need to reach their full academic potential.