Mertens (Boys' Boarding)

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Housemaster - Mr Matt Curran

Matt has been Housemaster of Mertens since August 2010.  Previously Assistant Housemaster at Lord Wandsworth College, he teaches Mathematics, as well as coaching rugby, cricket and football.  

Devoted sportsman and proud Australian, Mr Curran was a boarding supervisor at St. Joseph's College in Sydney and has a BSc in Science and MA in Education from Sydney University.

His interests include cricket, rugby, ancient history and travel; a highlight being a short stint living and teaching in Kathmandu and trekking to Everest Base Camp.. 

Matthew is married to Jennie, with three young children - Jack , Connor and Lily. Jack and Connor love the fact they have 65 older brothers to play with, while Lily is still getting used to two boisterous, yet loving brothers!

Assistant Housemaster - Mr Patrick Minny

Mr Minny assists Mr Curran with the running of Merten and teaches Business and Economics.




Mertens has accommodation for 65 boys, on three floors with four distinct areas divided broadly on year group lines. 

Each of these areas has its own toilets and shower facilities, and a Brew Room (small kitchen with kettle and toaster).  Beds have storage underneath, and there’s a wardrobe and desk with book shelving. All rooms have sinks and lockable drawers for valuables. 

The large, ground floor Common Room is where Callovers and House Meetings are held.  It has Sky TV, a Home Cinema System, a piano, pool table, table football and PS3 games console. 

It’s the social hub of the House, where visitors are allowed at certain times.  A Quiet Room has six PCs and a diverse library of books and magazines.  Wi-Fi is available throughout the House.


We invite you to learn more about life in Mertens on our blog  or by contacting the Housemaster, Matthew Curran: t: 01444 893150