Dining at Ardingly

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Catering Award

Our students and staff have a choice of freshly-produced meals, a balanced diet that exceeds current government guidelines.

We work with our suppliers to ensure ingredients are reduced in salt, sugar and fat and, wherever possible, sourced locally with full traceability. We use Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugars.
The catering department’s open door policy ensures a two-way conversation, with
plenty of feedback sought from students and staff, regular surveys, and comments via the student Food Committee meetings. In response, the chefs continually review the menus to develop and include new and exciting dishes.
We’re naturally very sensitive to individual requests, whether religious, ethical, or dietary.

Eating together.

All Prep and Senior School meals are taken in the Dining Hall where meals are selected from our servery.
The Pre-Prep meals are prepared in our kitchens and served in The Barn at the Farmhouse.
Fresh, packed lunches are prepared for pupils attending school trips.

Food allergy information

Food allergies can cause serious health issues, so we provide information regarding all food items, including production, ingredients and calorific benefits.