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Excellent results are the outcome of a community where inquiry is at the heart of everything we do.

Our job is to deepen the sophistication of their inquiry. We want pupils to develop greater independence in studying, whilst collaborating effectively with others. There’s plenty of space and time to research and communicate ideas, all in the spirit of warm encouragement and support.

Ardingly Middle School offers:

  • A broad range of well-recognised GCSE and IGCSE courses which prepare students for Sixth Form study.
  • Excellent GCSE and IGCSE examination results
  • A dedicated and experienced house-based Middle School tutor team
  • Excellent academic enrichment programme and range of academic societies
  • A curriculum extended by exceptional educational visits and lectures
  • A core programme of Eudaimonia (PSHCE) lessons and workshops, supporting students’ personal and social wellbeing and careers education
  • An exciting and inspiring interdisciplinary Inquiring Curriculum in Shell (Year 9)
  • iMind research and creative thinking lessons for Shell (Year 9), culminating in an individual personal research project.
  • Integrated and personalised Pre-IB programmes for new students in Fifth Form (Year 11)
  • Strong careers support and guidance, delivered through both Eudaimonia lessons and tutorials
  • Excellent, structured and targeted support for pupils with SEND or EAL
  • A wide-ranging outdoor pursuits programme
  • A caring and supportive House system
  • An opportunity to study with students from around the world.


Academic Ardingly