Pastoral Care

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An academic education is very important at Ardingly Pre-Prep. But it’s also important to teach children how to live life as happy, fulfilled and caring members of society.

So, pastoral care is very important to us, creating a safe and secure place in which to learn and grow.

All staff are trained to the highest standards to understand the needs and emotions of young children. Staff and visitors are checked to ensure the welfare and safeguarding of children.

Care and respect.

Our school ethos and PSHCE lessons help children voice their feelings, care for themselves, understand how to respect each other and know they have the right to be treated with respect. We encourage children to make 'Golden Choices' whereby they show good manners, care for others at all times, proactiveness in taking responsibility and are always polite. 

By teaching the children these skills, they have the tools for positive relationships in the future, and a healthy life-style.

We encourage these skills through our Ardingly Learner Profile (ALP). This demonstrates the key values of the Pre-Prep. The ALP is reinforced in lessons, using ALP stickers as rewards.

In the Pre-Prep, our key values cover three areas. We encourage children to be:


Kindness is a keystone of the school. We take every opportunity to encourage it in the children. Kindness is something every child understands and can be taught to respect. We use it to encourage friendships, supportive working in class and good manners.


Bravery aims to encourage resilience in children, not to give up if things don’t go their way. It also encourages them to challenge themselves and try things that may seem hard, from doing up a zip to making a new friend. This builds their emotional strength for future success.

Clever Thinking

This value speaks for itself. It recognises that all the children at Ardingly Pre-Prep enjoy learning new things.

All of these values are modelled and encouraged by our staff at every opportunity.

Finally, one of the most important aspects of our pastoral care is the relationship we have with you as parents. That means a close dialogue and taking all concerns seriously. It’s the route to the best possible pastoral care for your child, and support for you.