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A boarding house is much more than just a building where a student keeps their belongings, works, sleeps and then leaves. 

It is a community of people, all connected to the House, and each other.

It’s a place where children can make the transition to confident adulthood, developing self-reliance, commitment to others and the ability to get on with a wide range of people.

Our boarding Housemaster and Housemistress are committed to ensuring two things. Firstly, when your son or daughter walks in through the front door they feel as close to being at home as is possible. Second, they should be in a position to learn and contribute to Ardingly life most effectively. That means a good night’s sleep, the right food and the knowledge that they have the full support of all at Ardingly.



A recent judgement of the quality of the boarding at Ardingly comes from the ISI independent inspectors. They reflected as follows:

‘There is a good induction process for new boarders, who are quickly integrated into the boarding system,’ and  ‘The quality of boarding is excellent.’

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that by the time they reach Upper Sixth, many day students choose to convert to boarding.

Pupils can join Ardingly College as a day student, a flexi or full boarder. Day students are encouraged to spend as much time as possible at school and often don't go home until 9pm.

Outstanding Ardingly

In February 2012, The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) described the quality of boarding and the boarders' personal development as 'excellent.' They observed that pupils have 'excellent relationships with one another and with boarding staff.'

The varied choice of sporting, creative, musical and artistic opportunities, in addition to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme and the activities programme available to boarders was considered 'extensive' too. 

Truly outstanding Ardingly.

  • The rich learning collisions that can only happen in a vibrant and international culture where there is the chance to meet and form deep relationships with people from a range of backgrounds. 
  • Outstanding Housemasters and Housemistresses, matrons and tutor teams.
  • A full and exciting weekend programme which encourages over 250 students to remain on site every weekend
  • A school that is designed to understand the needs of all its students and respond to them
  • Student-led initiatives and an innate desire to help others

It's no surprise to us that Ofsted reported the boarding at Ardingly to be ‘outstanding’ -  we already knew that!

Shell Parent

Boarding at Ardingly builds up life-long friendships; all boarders are like one large community and we have great facilities, making my life here so enjoyable.

Lower Sixth Full Boarder