Pastoral Care

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The Ardingly Way
In order for the Ardingly community to be a safe, friendly and happy environment there are a number of essential characteristics which we wish to see in all who contribute. 

There are many coices that we make everyday and the actions we take affect our community as a whole. 

In order to make the correct choices all members of the community are encouraged to pause before acting and to think clearly and carefully about their responses. 

The 5 core values are:

Being our Best Self
Being Forgiving
Being Honest
Being Kind and Caring
Being a good listener

We can't choose what people say or do to use but at Ardingly we do choose how we will respond. 





















Every child has the right to be happy and to enjoy learning.

We nurture positive behaviour and celebrate individuals' efforts and achievements in all areas of school life.

Every child is encouraged to think of others, respect differences and develop the skills of being a good citizen. In the context of the Christian message, time spent in Chapel is crucial.

Pupils have daily contact with their Form Tutor. He or she plays a pivotal role, communicating information about pupils to staff and parents. A strong, trusting relationship between pupils and their Form Tutors is the ideal. Even so, pupils can discuss important issues with any member of staff. You are invited to express any concerns about your child's progress or happiness to the Form Tutor.

Key Expectations

  • Be kind to everyone (there is no excuse for rudeness). Treat all members of the school community with respect and care. Help people if they seem to be in need.
  • Use 'please' and 'thank you'. Hold the door open for others.
  • Be honest.
  • Look for the good in everything. Try to learn from mistakes and act positively.
  • Make sure that all your belongings are named and kept in their proper place.
  • Leave other people’s property alone.
  • Respect school property and the school environment. Play your part in keeping the school tidy and litter-free.
  • If you have a problem, tell someone.

Rewards and Sanctions

Ardingly College is a Christian environment where good behaviour, positive attitude and genuine effort are reinforced and encouraged by praise and recognition.

Pupils earn PLUS points for effort and attainment in their work, as well as being awarded certificates and prizes for consistent progress and high levels of achievement.

Year 8 pupils can become monitors and prefects by being good citizens and providing a role model for others.

Any incidents of poor behaviour or attitude are dealt with in a firm, but caring manner.

Pupils are disciplined according to the level of seriousness of the behaviour in accordance with the school’s policy on promoting good behaviour and sanctions.

Bullying is absolutely not tolerated at Ardingly. Any incidents are dealt with on several levels, with both the bully and the bullied being given the support and guidance they need.



Our House System

The four Houses in the school are Arundel, Bodiam, Bramber and Pevensey. Pupils are distributed across the Houses to maintain a balance of ability across many different areas - academic, sport, music, drama, and so on.

There’s friendly competition between the Houses at a Music Festival, Sports Day and House matches.

Communication with parents

You have several ways to communicate with us. Form Tutors are available at the beginning and end of day, whilst all staff have access to email.

'The View' a weekly bulletin provides parents with information about the week ahead. 

We make it a rule that all staff, teachers and tutors, are available to meet parents throughout the year. There is a formal reporting cycle and you will see a full report four times a year. A formal consultation evening takes place every term with all subject teachers.