Pre-Prep Subjects

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Regular exposure to high quality literature and phonics teaching soon encourages the children to experiment with writing.  We teach the skills of spelling, grammar and composition in exciting and varied ways.Reading opens up a whole world of imagination and information. A dedicated Pre-Prep Librarian helps every child develop their skills as a reader, easing access to the rest of the curriculum


We aim to give every child a solid foundation of understanding in mathematics, and to use that knowledge to explore and solve problems.

Plenty of hands-on experiences of mathematics ensures they have solid mathematical concepts and understanding.


We take all those questions that children love to ask about the world around them and show them how to find answers for themselves.

By stimulating their natural curiosity, indoors or out, we show them how to look closely, ask the right questions and use different sources to find answers.

As they move through the school, they learn the foundations of scientific method.

We work closely with the science departments in both the Prep and Senior schools to create stimulating experiences. For example, night time visits to the school’s observatory to view the stars with the senior school astronomy group or a sherbet workshop in the Prep School.


Every child from Reception to Year 2 has a weekly French lesson. This is taught through rhymes and songs that develop the children's vocabulary and enjoyment of the language and lay the foundation for further study.


Music is very much part of everyday life in the school.

We encourage the children to listen to and respond to a range of different musical styles, from classical to nursery rhymes. Specific skills such as rhythm and beat are taught in weekly music lessons.

Additional one-to-one music lessons in a variety of instruments are also available.


Some form of physical activity happens every day.

There’s a range of different opportunities to find the activity each child will enjoy. For example, games lessons, gymnastics, music and movement and dance, as well as weekly swimming lessons. For every child from the Nursery to Year 2.

Dance and football specialists visit the school every week, and we run a range of after-school sports clubs too.


Kindness and caring permeate all we do. Specific Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHCE) lessons teach the children the skills they need to live and work in a community. We cover subjects such as respect for others, feelings, how to care for others, road safety and a range of different health issues.

ICT & Humanities


Technology runs through everything we do, from interactive whiteboards in the classrooms to the use of iPads to support subject knowledge.

The children are encouraged to use technology to support their learning from the moment they enter the school. And they soon become independent explorers.

Humanities (Geography and History)

We develop the children's sense of time and place through their topic work. Every subject they tackle has a historical or a geographical dimension.

We teach the children a number of skills: to use different sources to find out about the past or different places, and to use their own experiences to learn about their own country and past.

We get them to ask questions and learn key facts, and later to question the accuracy of sources and debate key issues that arise.


As you’ll know, Ardingly has a strong Christian foundation. We use Christianity as the basis on which the children learn how to treat others. We value and encourage the sharing of other beliefs, and teach the children about different world faiths.