Shell (Year 9)

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All Shell (Year 9) students follow a broad range of subjects including languages, humanities, sciences and arts. Together these make up a healthy and balanced academic programme which puts Shell students in a strong position from which to select their GCSE options in the Lent Term.

All Shell subjects are examined through school-based assessments at the end of the course in the Trinity Term.

The Year 9 (known here as Shell) encourages students to consider the question ‘What does it mean to live in a globalised world?’

Humanities subjects follow a common theme. For example, students reflect on the end of the British Empire, and the development of Hinduism and Islam at the same time as looking at sustainable development and the birth of Modern India.

  • Our aims:
  • To produce an inspiring and stimulating curriculum that encourages the development of positive dispositions and habits for lifelong learning.
  • To work towards blending subject boundaries so pupils discover the relationships between knowledge, communities and the world.
  • To prepare students for the academic rigour of GCSE, IB, and A Level through by fostering creativity, independence of mind, academic rigour and intellectual risk-taking.
  • The Personal Project students produce a personal project on any topic they are interested in, and in any form: essay, presentation, sculpture, website or performance.

The academic programme followed by all Year 9 (Shell) students includes a range of 13 different subjects, including a choice of languages. In Maths and Science, they also begin preparing for the IGCSE.