Shell (Year 9)

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All Shell (Year 9) students study a compulsory curriculum of English, Mathematics, Sciences, Humanities and Languages. PSHE, Games. the Individual Project (IP) and IT Skills are also core elements of this curriculum. In addition students choose a further three options based upon their talents and interests - a list of subjects is found in the curriculum booklet below. Through the IP students develop research skills to produce a personal project on any topic they are interested in, and in any form: essay, presentation, sculpture, website or performance. IT Skills covers file and folder management, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, databases, website building and Publisher. 

All of this provides a strong foundation to prepare inquiring learners for the next step of their education, and places Shell students in a strong position from which to select their GCSE options in the Lent Term.

All Shell subjects are examined through school-based assessments at the end of the course in the Trinity Term.


Shell Course and GCSE Options