The Chapels at Ardingly College

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Like all the purpose-built Woodard schools, the Chapel stands at the heart, physically as well as spiritually, of the College. 


Designed by the renowned Gothic Revivalist Richard Herbert Carpenter (who was responsible for the entire original building at the College), the Chapel of St Saviour was added in 1879-87.

It was consecrated on 5th October 1883. It’s a date now observed in the College Calendar each Michaelmas Term as Consecration Day.

Found in the stained glass Great East Window of the Chapel, the figure of a pelican is the symbol of Ardingly.  It’s a dominant image throughout the College. In Christian art, the pelican is used as a symbol of the Eucharist. Legend has it that she would feed her children with her own blood, just as Christians believe Jesus feeds us with himself in the Blessed Sacrament.

We actually have two Chapels at Ardingly College; the Crypt Chapel of the Ascension, this is used for the quieter services.