What our Parents and Pupils Say

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All three of our girls have always skipped into Ardingly Pre-Prep and we leave them happy in the knowledge that they feel safe and secure, they enjoy their learning and their individuality is celebrated and encouraged.


The Pre-Prep staff care so deeply about the children's learning. They are always receptive to any queries and resolve any issues very quickly. Their experience and dedication shines through and creates a wonderfully positive and enriching learning environment for the pupils.

There's a real sense of team spirit in the Pre-Prep. Everyone pulls together for the greater good and the children emerge fully equipped to deal with the next step.

Mrs Withington (Y2 and Y3)

I enjoy writing stories in class and it is very good that we get to choose what we learn.

Matthew 2J


Maths is super because we get to do loads of fun things with numbers. Our topic is brilliant because we wanted to learn about dinosaurs.

Anna 2J


Everyone is our friend at Ardingly Pre-Prep.

Zac 1H


Ardingly Pre-Prep is simply outstanding.  The children are nurtured, developed and most importantly happy.  As a parent you can ask nothing more than for your child to be beating down the door to get to school every day, they love it so much.

Mrs. Surgeoner (R)




I love coming to Ardingly because it is really fun!

Mia 1E


We have watched as our children have grown into confident, inquisitive learners with the support of the family environment that the Pre-Prep has offered us over the last 7 years

Mrs Delo (Y2)

I like Ardingly because I like to play on the climbing frame and ride on the bikes. I like to make up stories with the teddy bears

Abigail R

I like Ardingly because everyone is kind to each other.I like finding worms and bugs in Forest School and making homes for them.

Murray R


We always have a nice meal

Jack 1H




We particularly like the emails that tell us what our children did at school each week. They help us to engage with our children in relation to their school experience much more effectively. They are quite fun to read too.

Mr Hurst (Reception)