Woodard School

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We are a co-educational school in the Woodard Corporation founded to teach the Christian faith.

Our founder Nathaniel Woodard had a simple aim: to build schools which were Christian communities. There, children could be nurtured in the values of the Gospel and each could, within the limits of their own conscience, engage with Christ in the mystery of the bread and wine of the Eucharist.

Today, we are the proud successors of that inheritance.

We welcome students from across the world, from all religions and none, and retain at our heart our founding values.

We are a community of stewards and our aim is to produce young men and women, confident in their own faith and being, with a sense of justice for all - with a desire to make a difference to the wider world.

Ardingly College is known as Nathaniel Woodard's ‘Jewel in the Crown’.