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Letter from the Chair
Nick Walker

As a parent of two young Old Ardinians, and Chair of the College’s Development Committee, I can say with some conviction that independent public school education is a very competitive arena in which Ardingly plays its hand remarkably well!  In the classroom, on the sports field and in pastoral care, we match or out-perform schools with deeper pockets and greater facilities than ourselves (believing profoundly that education is about so much more than just facilities and amenities). We believe too that continuously improving our facilities and amenities to guarantee an outstanding experience to our students is vital to the College’s future as well as to theirs.

As it has from the beginning, when our Founder Nathaniel Woodard garnered support from his contemporaries to create Ardingly in 1858, the College relies today on the philanthropy of our current parents and alumni who are in a financial position to help us secure the College’s future though their generosity and support.

As you read about the various ways in which we seek to engage the Ardingly community in supporting our capital and bursary programmes, you will see that much has been achieved but much remains to be done. Our requirements are great, but so too is our ambition for our students. We hope that those who are willing and able to do so will engage with the College and its Development Office to shape and create Ardingly’s vision of the future. And we express our immense gratitude to those of you who have already lent your support.

Nick Walker
Chair of The Development Committee 

Securing the Future Brochure