Life in the nursery

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A typical day at Ardingly Farmhouse Nursery

Typically, children start their day in their own ‘base room’, spending time with the member of staff who is designated as specifically responsible for them. There are times when the children gather together as a large group to take part in circle times, story times of periods of reflection with their peers.

All of the areas we use present different opportunities for learning. From classrooms to the Nursery garden, from Cyril’s Wood (Forest School) to the swimming pool, from the playground to the wider College grounds we take every advantage to use our learning environment fully. Our spaces are well resourced with age and stage equipment and natural resources too. Staff work with and observe children in their play throughout the day. They make notes on their interests and stage of development then together we plan activities or organise resources to extent them or add further variety.

A typical session may include:
  • Table top activities
  • Rhyme time
  • Outside play and learning
  • Snack time
  • Sand and water play
  • Collage activities
  • Painting and printing
  • Play dough and fine motor activities
  • Construction activities
  • Role play and small world (cars, dolls, houses etc.)
  • Book corner and library time
  • Puzzles
  • Computers or interactive whiteboard activities
  • Number based activities

Children are encouraged to initiate play and work with adults.

Other weekly activities include:
  • Swimming at the College pool
  • Dance session with specialist dance teacher
  • Forest School with trained Forest School leader
  • Afternoon 'clubs' such as sensory club, sports club and gardening club

Rest time


Any child staying for the afternoon session will have a ‘rest time’. This is a time to be quiet and still in preparation for the afternoon’s activities. We liaise closely with parents to ensure that we follow your requirements for your child’s rest time which may include a nap for as long as they wish or just a period of quiet.

Water and snacks  

Children are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the day and go to the toilet when needed. We use a system of rolling snacks to allow the children to eat regularly throughout the day. A cooked lunch is available and all food is locally sourced and cooked on site.

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