We're World - Ready

What's the essence of an Ardingly education? To prepare every student to develop the skills they need to become global citizens. For challenges and opportunities that a changing world brings. So when they leave us, they can truly say "I'm World-Ready".

World - Ready
Life Skills Week

We are living in a diverse and competitive world. At Ardingly College we understand this and encourage our students to grasp every opportunity to be ready for the world when they leave us. This could range from having the confidence to walk into a room and join a conversation, to having the insight to understand what great teamwork looks like, or having the knowledge of being able to cook an easy and tasty meal.

We do not believe in preaching or teaching this agenda. We believe in getting the students involved hands on and letting their voice be heard in creating a week they value and want to be part of. This is the purpose of life skills week.

At the end of the Trinity Term we hold a Life Skills Week. Every Shell (Year 9), Remove (Year 10) and LVI student will take part in a three to four-day programme. Leading educational providers and key employers, such as Deloitte, will come in and hold workshops and events to engage the students in problem- solving, leadership, manners and etiquette, confidence building and whole school voting and debating. We asked the students to voice their own ideas of what they would like to cover to be more world ready. We have taken these ideas and created a whole day carousel focused on practical application at their request. Students choose a diverse suite of skills with a personalised agenda ranging from learning to bake, changing a tyre or learning how to keep safe with the art of self-defence.

As the LVI prepare themselves to pick their courses and seek counsel for their university choices, on their journey to secure a promising future, we will also run specifically a LVI one-day job challenge with a number of preparation sessions to support them. Under this initiative, every student will have completed a CV and application form and applied for the same job. As part of the one-day challenge, every student will be interviewed by a professional and immediate feedback will be given. In addition to the interviews, there will be a team work session where skills will be observed and feedback received. The final selection of successful candidates will prepare a presentation to present in front of the final judging panel. We believe this rigorous process gives every student a real flavour of applying for a job in the real world. We would like to thank all the parents who give their valuable time to these wonderful activities.

Life Skills Booklet